Small Editions Studio

At Small Editions we facilitate the desires of the client through the production of one-of-a-kind and limited edition books. We think of this process as a collaboration between all elements; the artist/writer, printer, designer, and binder with the client in the lead. As a result each book exactly represents the content within.

Artist Books

The spectrum of modern and contemporary Artist Books that exist today range from traditional letterpress printed books of poetry to conceptual books and zines made of a variety of sculptural and visual elements. As craftsmen educated in contemporary theory with knowledge of both historical and contemporary Artist Books, we at Small Editions can help you fully realize any Artist Book project.

Design for Authors

We can help you self publish your novel, collections of poems or anthology. Our designers and binders will guide you through the production process, from layout design and printing to binding styles and materials. Our goal at Small Editions is to facilitate your project to create a relevant contemporary binding that represents the work within.

Our Clients

Small Editions works with a range of creative professionals. We work with artists, designers, architects and galleries on a regular basis. Some of our clients include the Dan Colen Studio, Alexander Wang, Michael Graves, Tom Ford, VSA Partners, the Dash Snow Estate, and Gavin Brown's Enterprise.


Our Books

Small Editions produces high quality one-of-a-kind and small editions books and enclosures for art galleries, contemporary artists, architects, fashion designers, and graphic designers. Each book is hand made in-house which means unique, small run editions possible with us.



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Small Editions takes pride in its knowledge of both historic and contemporary binding methods giving us the ability to create relevant bindings for our clients. We often create custom binding structures to perfectly mirror a book's content.

With our skills we can create create a custom small run for any commercial style book though we prefer to work on projects that flex our muscles a little more.


We work with printers that have a track record of perfection to ensure your images and words look crisp and professional.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the most common ways of creating high quality printed matter. Often used to create large editions of magazines and books, offset printing offers the highest color and image accuracy possible for the book form. The cost of offset printing goes down as the quantity goes up making it more economical the larger the edition, it is ideal for an edition of 300 books or more.


Digital printing has the shortest turnaround and is most cost effective for smaller editions. It allows for customization of each book printed within an edition. ie. the page content of a single edition can change from copy to copy. ;)

Fine Press Printing

Letterpress and intaglio are considered 'fine' press printing techniques and are ideal for artist books where the book is a work of art. Originally, movable wood and lead type was needed to create the text blocks, but with the use of polymer plates any digital file, logo, or graphic image can become letterpress.


Small Editions' document formatting and page layout services give your book a professional look and feel. We use the newest page design and image formatting software to ensure your images and text look as crisp and clean as possible after printing.

Designers at Small Editions work directly with you to develop the perfect look and feel for your book. They consider the content, images, and desired audience for each book as they start to build the visual structure for your edition.

A Word, Pages, or Text document is all our designer needs to get started on your book. Their informed design aesthetic will make any document look professional. Creating a beautiful book that incorporates pictures is easy at Small Editions. We will format your images for high quality printing—that means that we wont let your images come out looking dingy or pixilated.

During the design process, you will be provided with digital proofs so that you can be sure that your book layout is up to your standards. Making design changes is easy, just tell us what you like and what needs to change and we'll get right on it, sending you a proof with the updated layout.


We are in the studio Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm daily. Stop in, say "hi" and browse some of the books in our collection. To get in touch about a project, fill out the form below and tell us a little about your project or call us at 718.422.1304 to make an appointment.





Please allow 3-4 weeks binding time on standard projects depending on services requested. All estimates are good for 30 days from quote.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about your project please call at 718.422.1304 or email us your project details at


Small Editions publishes and supports Contemporary Artists Books. Through exhibitions, public events, publications, and traveling tours, Small Editions creates a space for new conversations about Artists Books. Small Editions Press receives funding through donations and through the commissioned production of bound works.

Through its commisioned work, Small Editions is dedicated to creating high quality books that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Specializing in small editions and custom book binding for artists and designers, the studio has assisted countless artists and creative professionals with the production of their book projects.

Small Editions was founded by two artists—one with a passion for bookbinding and the other nose deep in contemporary art and theory. Everything we do is made in house—with some exceptions for printing—with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

Small Editions Studio is located at:

60 Sackett Street
Ground Floor/Double Yellow Doors
Brooklyn, NY 11231

We are in the studio from 10am - 5pm Monday through Friday.